Faudra-t-il réécrire les albums d'Astérix?

Faudra-t-il réécrire les albums d'Astérix?

Astérix : Le domaine des dieux

La vision du village gaulois perdu dans la forêt face à la grande civilisation romaine est à revoir pour les archéologues.

‘What we have found here proves that the Gauls were much more civilised than we thought. The Asterix albums will need to be completely rewritten, as they are based on the typical image of the Gauls which has been passed down through the centuries, one of a prehistoric man who lives in the forest. We have discovered that they had not only complex military structures, but civilian and trading structures too. »

Source: Revealedix: the Gaul of Asterix was no joke – Telegraph.

(Via History News Network.)