NLS Digital Archive – First World War ‘Official Photographs’

Ernst Brooke, Scene on the Ancre. Derelict train with soldiers standing in it, France, during World War I. The camera is face-on to the end of a blown out train carriage which is still sitting on its lines. The ground around the train is littered with branches and bark. The metal structure of the train is still intact but the wooden sides have little holes as well as big missing chunks. Seven soldiers are standing inside the carriage and looking out through these large gaps. They all appear to be quite relaxed and smiling.

Formidable collection de photographies prises pendant le premier conflit mondial. Elle regroupe les photographies prises par quatre photographes : Ernst Brooks, John Warwick Brooke, David McClean et Tom Aitken. Toutes les photographies sont dûment décrites et légendées.

NLS Digital Archive – First World War ‘Official Photographs’ > Photographers > Ernest Brooks > (28) C.1087, Scene on the Ancre

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